European Cybersecurity Month - Spain

Dimarts, 1 Octubre, 2019 to Dijous, 31 Octubre, 2019

What is CyberSecMonth?

General overview

In the light of the Cyber Security Month campaign, Spain organized a set of activities to promote awareness and culture in cybersecurity. There were several Organisms involved: National Institute for Cybersecurity (INCIBE), National Cryptologic Centre (CCN), National Security Department, Joint Cyber Command, National Centre for Critical Infrastructures and Cybersecurity (CNPIC)... Regarding the private sector, there were many events and actions focused on that. All these Organisms and Companies spread information by using their communications channels (webs, social networks, ..).


There are a great variety of themes (IT security, cyber attacks, ehealth, awareness, digital transformation, and how people can identify technology risks) including activities that will focus on the main 2019 ECSM themes –Cyber hygiene and Emerging Technologies-.

Key actions

During the European Cybersecurity Month (October 2019) there will be many activities, including training courses, workshops, conferences, awareness raising sessions, guidelines publications and some multimedia material that will be released. 
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